How To Make An Ikea Pax Wardrobe Look Built-In (Plus A Bedroom Closet Update!)

(*)(**)(***)(****)Raise your hand if you remember how much closet space our bedroom had when we moved in. The answer is zero. We used dressers for a while (and borrowed the tiny closet in our son’s room for our hanging stuff) and eventually added some (*****)floor-to-ceiling Ikea Pax wardrobes(******) to our bedroom after about (**************) months, which felt like we had arrived. A bedroom closet is so nice to have. And – big news! – as of writing this post, we’ve added another Ikea wardrobe to that wall… which means we have just as much storage in our current bedroom as we had in our last house’s (*****)FANCY WALK-IN CLOSET(******)!

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